The Arch "the Gate" installation was created in Ramallah city as representation of the heritage and symbol of the old city and landscape that shaped the city for may years.
It was created in 2018 for Ramallah Convention Event 
A lot of times we pass by places, things in our lives and they are the same! And by time, we look at these things as part of our lives or part the space they were in. Sometimes, we forgot to step back and look at things in a bigger vision or different view.
This installation even though it’s made on a small scale but it reflects the environment around us and the things we see and take for granted, into a different perspective and the colors is to give this effect of what’s behind it, as well as reflecting ourselves into this view.
Red as Blood? or Hope?
This project was created to change the idea of red color from the negative connotation of red representing blood and flames to a positive perception of Hope, Love and Growth. This was an installation where audience can take a leaf and leave another where to they write what hope means to them. also a video related to the same project with a different kind of context was created as well.

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